Police Dynamics Workshop

Character Based Policing

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Police Dynamics

Character Based Policing

Police Dynamics is a character-based leadership program developed by Sheriff Ray Nash (ret.) of Dorchester County, SC. Based on a series of leadership principles called “dynamics”, the program is designed to make law enforcement agencies more powerful and effective. To date, Sheriff Nash has trained over 10,000 law enforcement officials and government leaders from around the world in the principles of Police Dynamics, including the Romanian National Police, the Sierra Leone National Police and the Moscow Police College. He is currently serving in Afghanistan as a Police Program Advisor for the Department of State at the US Embassy.

  • E1 – Establish the Standard:  Almost all law enforcement standards are behavior or performance-based. Learn the importance of establishing character-based standards within your agency or team.
  • E2 – Embrace the Standard: Once the standards have been established, how can they be communicated effectively? The organization’s standards should be reflected in policy, promotions, training, and discipline.
  • E3 – Encourage the Standard:  How to motivate officers and staff to achieve the highest of standards of ethical decision-making and professional performance.
  • E4 – Embody the Standard: When it comes to leadership, the messenger IS the message. The standards of the organization must be reflected by its leaders.
  • E5 – Enforce the Standard: How to deal with ethical and performance failures. A character-based system of progressive discipline is the final step in achieving ethical excellence.