Every Officer Is A Leader

Learn the 60 skills and the 40 tasks of law enforcement leadership to elevate your success

Every Officer is a Leader

IADLEST Certified Workshops 

Every Officer is a Leader workshop is based on the “Transforming Leadership in Police, Justice, and Public Safety”, authored by leadership expert Terry Anderson and several well-known leaders in the law enforcement and criminal justice profession, responds to the need for a comprehensive leadership development model for the education and training of police, justice and public safety supervisors, managers and front line officers.  

“Every Officer is a Leader” Training Program is to train police officers in the development and mastery of sixty (60) research-based skills in five (5) areas of competence: Self-management, Interpersonal Communication and Conflict Management, Problem and Opportunity Management, Team and Organization Development, and Versatility Skills. Further, the workshop will enable officers (i.e. First line supervisors) to improve performance by engaging in the forty 40 Tasks and Responsibilities of Effective Leaders that most police personnel believe are important to perform, regardless of rank. Three separate curriculum and supporting lesson plans shall be developed: a line-officer curriculum, a train-the-trainer curriculum and an executive curriculum. 

Be Alert | Be Aware | Be Diligent | Be Deliberate 

Many professions have professionalcertification requirements. Doctors, plumbers, electricians,accountants, surgeons…all have to prove they can do it before they are certified: But notleaders! The vision we have for the futureis that you would developmoreprofessionalleadership skillsthan you currently havethat will make a positive difference in your personaland professional life, in your agency and in the community. The skillsin this programare genericand can beappliedwith your kids, significant others, co-workers, subordinates, citizens on thestreet, suspects or known offenders.This program will accelerate the development youremotional and social intelligence.The vision for this program is that it would provide thecompetency foundation for theenhancedprofessionalization ofyourleadershipinpolice workand inevery aspect ofyour life.Like the,Every Officer is a Leaderbook, this Manualcan beused as nourishment along the way for your leadership development journey.This manual iswritten in such a way that you can learn and apply the skills of effective communication,problem-solving, team and organizational leadership.We believe from our experience that theresults of your leadership development will bethat youwill createameasurablybetter place towork and a safer community.

Available Programs

  • FOUNDATION – Participants (Sworn & Professional Staff):  Two Days Workshop, Two Master Instructors, Every Officer is a Leader Copyrighted Materials, Book, Workbooks.  
  • EXECUTIVES – Leadership and Command (Lt. and above): Two Days Workshop, Two Master Instructors, Every Officer is a Leader Copyrighted Materials, Book, Workbooks. 
  • TRAIN-THE-TRAINER: Four Days Workshop, Two Master Instructors, Every Officer is a Leader Copyrighted Materials, Book, Workbooks and Instructors Guide. The session requires participation by officers and instructors during days and and 2  / Trainers only days 3-4. 

* Tailored programs are available to meet seat requirements and budgetary considerations.  Please contact Chief Sam Spiegel.