Every Officer Is A Leader

Learn the 60 skills and the 40 tasks of law enforcement leadership to elevate your success

Every Officer is a Leader

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Every Officer is a Leader workshop is based on the “Transforming Leadership in Police, Justice, and Public Safety”, authored by leadership expert Terry Anderson and several well-known leaders in the law enforcement and criminal justice profession, responds to the need for a comprehensive leadership development model for the education and training of police, justice and public safety supervisors, managers and front line officers.  

“Every Officer is a Leader” Training Program is to train police officers in the development and mastery of sixty (60) research-based skills in five (5) areas of competence: Self-management, Interpersonal Communication and Conflict Management, Problem and Opportunity Management, Team and Organization Development, and Versatility Skills. Further, the workshop will enable officers (i.e. First line supervisors) to improve performance by engaging in the forty 40 Tasks and Responsibilities of Effective Leaders that most police personnel believe are important to perform, regardless of rank. Three separate curriculum and supporting lesson plans shall be developed: a line-officer curriculum, a train-the-trainer curriculum and an executive curriculum. 

Be Alert | Be Aware | Be Diligent | Be Deliberate 

Every Officer Is A Leader, 3rd Edition
Every Officer Is A Leader book jacketThis book address how leadership development has a profound impact on the morale and performance of individual officers, teams, and organizations, illustrating in-depth and detail how police and other justice and public safety leaders (in corrections, fire, customs, immigration, security, courts, etc.) can implement the Transforming Leadership process, skills, and principles.  The recent focus on community policing initiatives has made competency-based leadership skills training essential for front line officers.

The authors’ innovative contribution is a focus on the necessity to build “a leadership organization” before – and to an extent, while – you move ahead into building a “learning organization” that is responsive to community and internal organizational needs. The personal, team and organization development skills discussed in this book are necessary pre-requisites to the successful implementation of any neighborhood or community policing initiatives.

Every Officer is a Leader: Coaching Leadership, Learning and Performance in Justice, Public Safety, and Security Organizations provides a model for integrating other models into a holistic leadership development framework. It furnishes a map for developing critical leadership skills with self-assessment, includes the developmental aspects of leadership expert Terry Anderson’s previous book on Transforming Leadership, and applies them to law enforcement and criminal justice.

Anderson and his contributing authors add clarity, perspective, and examples to show how individual leaders can develop themselves, and one another, into high-performance team leaders and officers who motivate others to respond to issues that affect the morale, health, and safety of the communities in which they serve. This new focus adds a perspective on security issues that affect police, justice, and public safety organizations.

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