Police Ethics

Character Based Policing to Build Trusting Relationships

Lt. Col. Wellington Scott

4 Hrs. of Virtual Live WorkshoP



Overview: There is nothing more difficult for a law enforcement agency to recover from than a scandal(s) resulting from a lack of accountability and the tolerance of poor character.  This course is designed to provide law enforcement leaders with solutions from the National Institute for Ethics and the National Command & Staff College addressing the need to create an environment where credible decision making, accountability and positive empowerment leads to character based policing.   This course is designed for law enforcement supervisors of all ranks.  

Course Objectives: During this course of instruction students will learn:

  • The importance of understanding systematic corruption.
  • The 3 C’s of Ethical Leadership.
  • Why ethics training is our greatest training need.
  • The effects of recruitment, hiring and basic training, and field training on ethical policing.
  • The importance of role modeling and addressing bias.
  • How mission, values and vision statements are effective tools to address character.
  • How law enforcement officers lose their certifications and careers.
  • Understanding the effects of the Corruption Continuum.
  • Solutions to ethical dilemmas that occur within a law enforcement organization.

Remember, ethics and character must be reinforced in order to become a seamless part of an organization.  Character must be interwoven within every aspect of law enforcement.  Citizens have the expectation that law enforcement professionals will hold themselves to a higher standard of performance and behavioral consciousness.