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According to the Apter's Reversal Theory of motivation and emotions, we are all changeable and adaptable. The same situation can seem motivating or stressful depending on our state of mind. We can choose to undergo this changing environment or to adapt to it by making it motivating thanks to the strength of our state of mind.


Policing makes great emotional demands on officers as they deal with people in crisis—while maintaining order, providing service and controlling crime. Law enforcement agencies are beginning to recognize the value of emotional intelligence in their officers. This is a significant character trait related to self-awareness of one’s own internal emotions as well those in other people. Understanding of emotional and social intelligence competencies can contribute to a helpful, appropriate, and realistic understanding of performance.


The # 1 Personality (Personal Style) Assessment for over 40 years as rated by participants! The Personal Style Indicator provides you (and others) with self-awareness that’s positive and motivates people to take action to improve relationships – of personal, professional and with yourself.