Bridging the Gap Between Current State and To Be …

Shaping the Future

Organizational Health Assessments

Getting quantifiable, qualitative and objective review and recommendations about your organization from the inside out is crucial to all elements of your department’s success.

You believe your organization is running well. In all probability it is; but,  “you don’t know what you don’t know”. By that, we mean what are the undercurrents?; What are the inconsistencies and challenges facing different workgroups in your department that creates internal volatility and hampers growth, morale and workplace health?

Organization & Leadership Development

Providing for the growth and development of leaders, allowing the organization to address and navigate through its challenges.

How do you prepare your organization for growth, succession, and leadership? Is there an accurate, clear path in the promotion process and other shared expectations throughout the organization that create a rise in performance, acuity and community support?

Organization & Culture Transition

Addressing and overcoming issues head-on using a comprehensive and structured change strategy.

More than often a newly promoted or hired chief executive, is challenged by an existing culture of fractured values, vision and mission. How will you shape the mission, vision, and values  of the organization? Cultures don’t change within an organization by edict or policy. Change requires a strategic, well-planned course correction, that occurs in increments; what we call transitions. 

Organization Lean 6Sigma Optimization

The need for more efficiency and effectiveness continues to grow in these uncertain times.

The need for delivering the highest quality service at the lowest cost is required more now than ever. Through Lean Six Sigma you will realize faster times to make decisions, lower costs to operate the department, decreased expenses, substantially improved efficiency, faster time to complete work, streamlined systems and processes, maximized productivity, improved asset utilization, and minimized risk.

Budgeting & Financial Management​

Funding and budgetary constraints and the need for the community to invest in its law enforcement agency continually grows.

In today’s world of VUCA law enforcement, the dynamics of evolving concerns agencies face requires a deeper analysis of the department’s financial position. This service provides basic economics education – understanding economic indicators that allow the department to forecast its position and adjust accordingly. The department must also adjust to frequently changing conditions within its community and create an ability for the community to invest in its service levels and quality of life.

Organization Concierge Consulting

Every department is a complex ecosystem of business process, needs, policy and procedures, culture, community-centric expectations, and industry norms, facing emerging challenges.

Challenges, sliding scales of change, overt community expectations, and legislative mandates will require a prompt and thorough response.

Your ability to navigate these demands will rely heavily on your leadership acumen, resiliency and the agility of your organization.  Shaping your future requires a strategic and mindful approach in leading to maximizing positive outcomes.

To meet these challenges and provide exceptional service to your stakeholders, the National Staff and Command College provides consultations that will continue to grow you and assist you in establishing organizational direction into 21st Century Policing.

Police Training
Chief Sam Spiegel
Chief Bill Cooper
Rosanne Richeal
Dr. Terry Anderson

The Consulting Division provides you with a team of exceptionally experienced and qualified experts who bring extensive background in law enforcement, and are proven results-based problem solvers.The Consulting Team includes well educated and trained retired police chiefs, still active in training and consulting with law enforcement, municipal executives, command personnel and a PhD who has more than 40 years working with law enforcement. With these fields and consultants as our foundation we are able to provide the most qualified consultant to assist you with a specific need or assemble a team as you may need.