Bridging the Gap Between Current State and To Be …

Shaping the Future

Organizational Health Assessments

Getting quantifiable, qualitative and objective review and recommendations about your organization from the inside out is crucial to all elements of your department’s success.

Organization & Leadership Development

Providing for the growth and development of leaders, allowing the organization to address and navigate through its challenges.

Organization & Culture Transition

Addressing and overcoming issues head-on using a comprehensive and structured change strategy.

Organization Lean 6Sigma Optimization

The expectation for much more efficiency and effectiveness in law enforcement continues to increase in these uncertain times of political volatility, fiscal constraint, budget reductions and reduced resources.

Budgeting & Financial Management​

Funding and budgetary constraints and the need for the community to invest in its law enforcement agency continually grows.

Organization Concierge Consulting Services

Every department is a complex ecosystem of business process, needs, policy and procedures, culture, community-centric expectations, and industry norms, facing emerging challenges.

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Chief Sam Spiegel
Chief Rosanne Richeal
Chief Mark Garcia
Chief Mike Card
Lt. Col. Wellington Scott