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Command and Staff Leadership Program Session #19 – East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office, LA

Command and Staff Leadership Program Session #22 – Los Angeles County Cities Hermosa Beach PD & Hawthorne PD, CA

Authentic & Deliberate Leadership:
The West Point Way – 40 hrs. of e-Learning Program

Executive Leadership Futures & Foresight Summit – October 14-18, 2023
Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort

Command and Staff Leadership Program Session #20 – Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, Sanford, FL

Command and Staff Leadership Program Session #23 – Orange Beach PD and Baldwin County Sheriff, AL 

Emerging Leadership Program for 1st Line and Mid-Level Management – Agencies Adopt for Entire Personnel

Command and Staff Leadership Program Session #017 – Horry County Police Department, Myrtle Beach, SC

Command and Staff Leadership Program Session #21 – Hosted by the Green Bay PD, WI

Command and Staff Leadership Program Session #24 – Washington County Sheriff’s Office, MN

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People are the greatest asset within any organization. However, their efficacy is solely reliant upon ability to respond in volatile situations. If even one person is not educated and equipped physically, mentally, and emotionally to respond effectively in a difficult situation or circumstance they could put themselves at risk and cause the whole organization to become vulnerable. An individual’s action and response effects everyone around them. The National Command and Staff college recognizes that this makes every individual a leader within their sphere of influence. Thus, deliberate and effective leadership training is essential. For too long the concept of leadership was equated only with rank and authority. Now every officer is a leader. Many Sheriff Departments, Police Agencies, and Law Enforcement training programs from around the nation are implementing our comprehensive programs of online and classroom training as laid out in the four phases of our Institute for Credible Leadership Development. The Command and Staff College has made these comprehensive programs affordable and accessible for law enforcement agencies nationwide to provide them to all employees regardless of rank. We partner with organizations of all sizes (Public or Private) to educate and develop new emerging leaders who will sustain strategic innovation, operational excellence, trusted relationships, and deliver results with confidence. It is our mission to train and equip your agency to reduce risk and liability, crime, and citizen complaints through increasing each individual’s leadership capacity, morale, productivity, and team building; thus improving overall agency culture and respect.

The only proactive wellness application designed specifically for law enforcement and first responders.

Our Proven Key Performance Indicators


The New Normal Is Now
Educating With Futures and Foresight In Mind

Becoming a MAGNUS OVEA Leader is your path to individual happiness and accomplishment. It is the road in creating a successful career In policing. Policing continuously evolves. We are in an era of policing where the police professional must help improve community well-being based on mutual trust and respect while maintaining safety and security.

Whether you have just graduated from the basic academy or you are in a senior position; how you do your job, the influence you have, and the legacy you leave will help shape how policing services are delivered long into the future.

Know that your journey to becoming the very best police professional you can be, begins here as you learn to become MAGNUS OVEA Leader. In the process of pursuing a virtuous life, which is principally knowing right from wrong and acting accordingly, you will receive much more from life.

We can no longer afford to educate and develop leadership capacity in only a few.
The new normal requires Turbocharged Star-Leaders top to bottom, sworn and civilian. 

More than Training - This is a Leadership Development Journey

Becoming a MAGNUS OVEA Leader is a process of elevating Performance, Leadership, Resiliency, Well-being and Anti-fragility. It does not happen overnight. It is a calculated process of dedicated personal education and development that leads to small positive incremental changes (cognitive, emotional and behavioral) overtime.

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