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We Serve 672,000 Professionals
National Sheriffs Association
National Tactical Officers Association
The High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA)
South Louisiana Flood Protection Authority East
Ogden Police Department, UT
New Hanover County Sheriff's Office, NC
Lyon County Sheriff's Office, IA
Chatham County Sheriff's Office, NC
Arkansas Sheriffs' Association
Washoe County Sheriff's Office, NV
Pierce County Sheriff's Office, WA
Wood County Sheriff's Office, OH
Ventura County Sheriff's Office, CA
Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police & Foundation
Wisconsin Department of Justice
Seminole County Sheriff's Office, FL
St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office, LA
Shelby County Sheriff's Office, AL
South Dakota Law Enforcement Training
Pasco County Sheriff's Office, FL
Russell County Sheriff's Office, AL
San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office, CA
South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation
Pennington County Sheriff's Office, SD
Minnehaha County Sheriff's Office, SD
South Dakota Highway Patrol
Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, AL
Indiana Sheriff's Association
National Tactical Officers Association
Minnesota Crisis Intervention Team
South Dakota Sheriff's Association
Louisiana Department of Corrections
Georgia Department of Community Supervision
Shelby County Sheriff's Office, TN
Iowa Sheriff's Association
Loudoun County Sheriff's Office, VA
Mesa County Sheriff's Office, CO
Minnesota Ambulance Association
The Indiana Law Enforcement Training Academy
Fauquier County Sheriff's Office, VA
Minnesota Sheriffs' Association
Chino Police Department, CA
Colorado Sheriffs' Association, C
Cleveland County Sheriff's Office, OK
Harrison County Sheriff's Office, AL
Dane County Sheriff's Office, WI
Bristol County Sheriff's Office, MA
Shelby County Sheriff's Office, AL
Minnesota Sheriff's' Association
Hanover County Sheriff's Office, NC
California Peace Officers Association, CA
Ventura County Sheriff's Office, CA
Virginia Chief of Police Association, VA
Ogden Police Department, UT
Baldwin County Sheriff's Office, AL
Carter County Sheriff's Office, OK
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Police Leadership


People are the greatest asset in any organization.
When the people are not well-educated and equipped to be physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared to respond effectively in all situations and circumstances, they and the whole organization are vulnerable.
We partner with organizations (Public or Private) regardless of size to educate and develop New Leaders who sustain strategic innovation and operational excellence, delivering results and trusting relationships with confidence.

The New Normal Is Now

Educating With Futures and Foresight In Mind Is The New Mandate

We can no longer afford to educate and develop leadership capacity in only a few.
The new normal requires Turbocharged Star-Performers top to bottom, sworn and civilian.
Our Proven Key Performance Indicators
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It's Never Just a Training - It's a Leadership Development Journey

Becoming a MAGNUS Leader is a process of elevating Performance, Leadership, Resiliency, Well-being and Anti-fragility, . It does not happen overnight. It is a calculated process of dedicated personal education and development that leads to small positive incremental changes (cognitive, emotional and behavioral) overtime. 

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