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Sherry Bass
Chief of Staff
National Command & Staff College

Latest Badge Cast 1 Podcast

Welcome to Badge Cast 1 with your host Brian Ellis.  At 20 years of experience, veteran police leader, Brian is a dedicated to helping the public safety professionals to be the highest and best.Our Podcast aims to dive deep to deliberate leadership strategies of top experts, to help turbocharge leadership Capacity, resiliency and well-being.  We are passionate of your leadership capabilities and MAGNUS version of you. 

Episode 4 With Michael Lee Stallard

https://vimeo.com/418662534 Synopsis: Michael Lee Stallard is cofounder and president of E Pluribus Partners, a think tank and consulting firm helping organizations increase employee and customer engagement. Read About Michael Lee Stallard Michael is an author, thought leader, speaker and a widely recognized expert on how how effective leaders boost human connection in cultures to improve

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Episode # 3 With Dan Pink

Synopsis: Daniel H. Pink, author of six provocative books shares his indepth knowledge and experiences about business and human behaviors.  His books include the long-running New York Times bestsellers When and A Whole New Mind — as well as the #1 New York Times bestsellers Drive and To Sell is Human. Dan’s books have won multiple awards, have been translated into 39 languages, and have sold more than

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Episode # 2 With Captain Michael Abrashoff

Synopsis: Captain Mike Abrashoff discusses team-based leadership while sharing the leadership lessons he gained from the turnaround of the USS Benfold in It’s Your Ship, a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller, with over 800,000 copies sold to date.  He also talks through the current challenges top business executives face building leadership capacities.  

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Episode # 1 With Dr. Mitch Javidi

Synopsis: Dr. Mitch Javidi provides a historical development of the National Command & Staff College.  The host Lt. Brian Ellis and Dr. Javidi discuss “Deliberate Leaders” aimed at turbocharging leadership capacity, resilience and well-being in the heat of chaos.  He also outlines macro-level strategies for enhancing anti-fragility and psychological hardiness through Commitment, Control, Courage, Perseverance and

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