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Sherry Bass
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National Command & Staff College

Latest News

How Police Leadership Training is an Effective Tool against Civil Liability

Every law enforcement organization has established policies and procedures that all employees are required to follow. In today’s world, there is often a written or otherwise formal acknowledgment of those policies required of all employees. The acknowledgment ensures the organization has recourse when the employee fails to follow the outlined policies and procedures, which often

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Capturing the Moment: Counter-VUCA Leadership for 21st Century Policing

Mutual problem solving is a counter-VUCA strategy …. The expectations citizens have of their police officers have always been high; the expectations officers have of themselves are higher. The needs and wants of the community are in many circumstances overwhelming, even unrealistic. Simply put, public institutions cannot realistically provide expected and needed services without collective

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Being Self-Aware

Being self-aware is one of the most essential virtues we can practice.  It is the key to strong emotional intelligence.  Our self-awareness informs us on how we are doing as leaders. Where we need to strengthen ourselves, how we can be better than we are and requires us being completely honest with ourselves.  Being willing

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Power of Influence

John Maxwell, states that Leadership is Influence, nothing more nothing less.  We all influence others, sometimes being a positive influence, sometimes being a negative influence.  We must be intentional about how we influence others.  If we aren’t intentional about how we lead, our influence may not be positive. Remember the classic movie, White Christmas?  Can

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