Deliberate Leadership Workshop

Empowering People by Leading With Style ...

In all relationships, communication is key. But the demands of public safety require more than just a standard relationship. In order for us to continue succeeding, we need to develop meaningful partnerships. And at the core of every long-lasting partnership is a credible, intelligent interpersonal communicator. Sadly, more often than not these interpersonal relationships fail, often due to the fact that we lack the ability to lead with style. But it doesn’t always have to be this way. Our Leading with Style (or Deliberate Leadership) course will provide you with research-based communication techniques. Strategies that appeal to the natural strengths of those around you. In playing to their strengths you’ll finally learn what it is like to lead a committed, focused, and compassionate team of professionals. Not only will you learn how to quietly and constructively de-escalate disagreements, you will do so while increasing the credibility and participation of those around you. And we mean everyone around you – coworkers, members of the community, family, and friends. In this highly-intensive, single day practicum, each participant will receive a personal copy of Deliberate Leadership and their own Personal Style Indicator (PSI) assessment.

Lead With Style

“Keis and Javidi articulate a new and fascinating framework for achieving greater results as a leader. All professionals who are striving to find or re-find their footing at work will benefit from the key principles and thought-provoking exercises posed in this powerful, interactive book”

Marshall Goldsmith
Author, New York Times Bestseller, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Learning Objectives

  • To strengthen the credibility and trust of public safety professionals.
  • To effectively lead by means of creating positive relationships.
  • To manage change better by utilizing collaborative communication skills.
  • To increase personal credibility through the use of critical listening skills.
  • To improve all relationships with citizens, task force associates, and co-workers.
  • To enhance all communication with advanced research-based practices.
  • To increase job satisfaction of those you interact with
  • Learn to use the power of the PSI to strengthen and develop co-workers.
  • Improve the work-life balance by fine-tuning your emotional intelligence.

This course is based on the book: Deliberate Leadership

Christopher Hoina, FBI NA # 222

Chris Hoina is an Institute for Credible Leadership Development co-founder, and an International Academy of Public Safety Executive Board member.  He holds a M.A. from NCSU, is a FBI National Leadership Development Academy graduate, and is a published author in the field of leadership.  

With 15 of his 25 years of law enforcement career spent as a team commander he is best known for his progressive initiatives on School Resource Officers, Crisis and Hostage Negotiation, Community-Policing, and Implicit Bias training. 

Chris has over 30 years of teaching experience collegiately, at numerous academic institutions, government agencies and most recently in the field of leadership development, professional development and self-improvement.