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Credible Leadership Series (ICLD I-IV)

Self-Paced 187 Hours Online Certification Program

Build Your Leadership Capacity For Challenging Times


The Credible Leadership Series (ICLD I-IV), a lighter version of the Emerging Leaders Course (ACE 2), is based on the principle that all law enforcement professionals must lead within their scope of responsibility and must be given the tools to understand what leadership looks like, feels like and sounds like. It is designed to fill the void of leadership training which traditionally exists between entry-level and mid-level supervision.

Each phase of the ICLD courses are offered individually.  If you wish to complete all phases without a need to complete national testing, just register for the Emerging Leaders Course.  

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Principles & Foundations



Theories & Practices



Application & Advancement



Competency & Mastery


4 Stars

National Certification


For me, these courses have helped, transformed, and confirmed the way I desire to work and the ways I desire to live my life. Leadership/Management has been something that I have wanted to do and wanted to be but one thing that has kept me from fully committing is my weaknesses. With this training it has encouraged me that my weakness can in fact be strength and that with Integrity, Humility, Compassion, Empathy, and Determination I can and will make a difference and represent Law Enforcement with Honor. Thank You for this training it has grown me and encouraged me!” Brandon Jokinen, Corrections Officer, Isanti County Sheriff’s Office/Jail, May 2018

Brandon Jokinen

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