Every Officer is a Leader Digital Book

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This book, authored by experts in leadership, law enforcement and security responds to the need for a reappraisal of leadership styles in the public safety sector since the events of September 11, 2001 and the shifting dynamics of public service in the decade following.

Building on three previous successful publications, the authors examine the profound impact of leadership on the organizational behavior at the individual, team and organizational level in justice, public safety and security agencies in this era of globalization and enhanced security.

Using a multi-source and multi-disciplinary approach presented through a combination of theory and practical examples, leaders in police, corrections, customs, courts, other regulatory agencies and security are shown how to assess their skills, plan for enhanced leadership effectiveness, and effectively implement processes to create what the authors are calling a “leadership and learning organization”.

The Transforming Leadership process used in Every Officer is a Leader is founded in the concepts of competency-based leadership and action learning. The authors focus on the need to prepare leaders who, after building the “leadership organization,” move on to building the “learning organization” that is responsive to both external and internal stakeholders served by those organizations.

The 21st Century leader must establish the links necessary for coordination of effort among various public safety agencies before crises occur and then nurture personal relationships with leaders of other agencies, both public and private, that will enable effective communication, collaboration and cooperation during times of crisis.

~  Plan a leadership development curriculum for yourself and others that provides leaders with the skills they really need for modern police and public safety work.

~  Get ready for your next promotion with a portfolio of skills that fit any leadership position you are applying for.

~  Assess your leadership skills in researched competency areas to enhance your leadership capabilities.

~  Create an individualized leadership development plan to target skills that you need to work on.

~  Influence local, national, and international security and public safety no matter what your position or agency.

~  Build a Leadership and Learning Organization to create a healthier, more capable organization to manage public safety.

~  Learn a proven Problem and Opportunity Coaching Model for collaborative problem-solving and decision-making.

~  Learn to build continuous improvement teams that can get better results and successfully design and execute strategic plans.

~  Learn about the ethics of leadership to enhance your critical decisions.

~  Learn about future trends and how to anticipate and respond to them.

~  Learn how leadership development has a profound impact on the morale and performance of individual officers, teams, and your organization.

SBN: 978-1-5323-6116-6
Publisher:  International Academy of Public Safety, Inc.

“The rate and nature of change we are now witnessing demand transformational leadership at every level of our policing organizations. I’m not talking about positional leadership (e.g. sergeant, lieutenant, chief or sheriff). Instead, I’m referring to the compelling need for leadership that is framed, in an almost spiritual way, by the true purpose of policing – controlling crime in a just and rightful way that is consistent with the values espoused in our Constitution. This is why Every Officer is a Leader is so important and should be standard issue to every peace officer.”   Jim Bueermann, President of the Police Foundation