Brian Ellis, Chief Experience Officer (CXO)

Brian Ellis is a retired police lieutenant with over 25 years of experience, author, instructor, and crisis management professional. Throughout his police career, he served in numerous tactical incidents and high-stakes missions with several accommodations for meritorious service. Brian led numerous specialty teams, and during his time as the SWAT Commander and specialty team leader, he developed a strong understanding of the dynamics that make people and missions thrive. Upon retiring from the police force, Brian’s passion for empowering others led him to pursue his work at the National Command & Staff College, an international think-tank, and with colleagues launched MAGNUSWorx, an education and data analytics platform dedicated to peak performance and wellbeing. Brian is a speaker, coach, and trainer for government and private organizations, dedicated to promoting leadership, high-performing teams, and providing others with actionable information for personal preparedness and resilience. His work has been featured in various media outlets, including numerous articles, book chapters, and podcasts.