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International Academy of Public Safety

The Climage Index

The Climage Index or “Quick Climate Index” (QCI) is the result of our coaching and training practice for 20 years. It is a digital tool, an application that can be used on a connected smartphone or computer. The diagnostic consists of a short questionnaire, which only takes 3 to 5 minutes to complete. A report is issued instantly and visible to respondents, updated each time a new respondent takes the test. The report gives an immediate insight of the groups working climate.  

More specifically, it allows the QCI executives, trainers and/or coaches to analyze participants’ emotions, feelings and the values that are predominant at a given time. It offers a fun and yet very serious approach to dealing with complex subjects such as stress management, engagement and motivation, emotions, and handling well-being management.

It is a very simple to use tool that enables you to:

  1. Facilitate training or a team building session in a collaborative mode.
  2. Manage problem solving or a crisis mitigation.
  3. Deal with emotionally charged situations.
  4. Engage a team or a working group to deliver efficiently.
  5. Quickly survey your teams’ motivations levels as well as precisely assess their stress root causes.