MAGNUSWorx & EB Guardians Webinar Series

Dr. Cathy Greenberg

Dr. Cathy L. Greenberg is a behavioral scientist who focuses her support on leadership and teams for special operations/special forces for DoD, and federal and national Public Safety organizations. She is a Board Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF), a speaker and media personality, and a # 1 Wall Street Journal, #2 New York Times, and # 1 International Amazon best-selling author.

She delivers team and leadership effectiveness combining over two decades of positive psychology with the science of courage, focusing on how emotional and strategic intelligence ensures better performance, greater job satisfaction, higher profits, lower liability, and overall organization agility.

Emotional Intelligence – April 20, 20023 Webinar

What is MAGNUSWorx – May 18, 20023 Webinar

Recognizing Your Stress – June 15 2023 Webinar


Grow your knowledge and BUILD ELASTICITY OVER TIME

Attend GREAT to MAGNUS Chief Executive Conference

Session # 001 of our National Command and Staff College’s “GREAT TO MAGNUS: Chief Executives’ Futures & Foresight Conference” is scheduled for October 14-18, 2023, in the beautiful SanDestin Hilton Golf and Beach Resort,  Miramar Beach, Florida.  

The conference theme for this inaugural year will be MAGNUS Όραμα” (Órama = Notable Vision): BUILDING CAPACITIES TO LEAD, SHARE, ADAPT & GROW.

This future-focused program aims at learning and networking opportunities for the top executives in the public safety sector who will positively impact America and the communities they serve while envisioning capacities to elevate their GREAT to MAGNUS.

  • Engage and learn from inspiring and influential speakers.
  • Build capacities to lead, share, adapt grow with visionary and thought-provoking colleagues.
  • Become a part of building the future of public safety with foresight.
  • Network with like-minded decision-makers who wish to change public safety for the better deliberately.
  • Participate in the synergy of random and thought-provoking exchanges.
  • Sharpen your skills through team discussions, learning to grow together.
  • Enjoy the Sandestin Hilton beaches in early fall.

EQi Live Virtual Certification Program

EQ-i certification is a training program that enables participants to use the EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360 assessments, which measure emotional intelligence and its impact on human performance and development. The certification workshop can be done online or in person and covers different reports for various contexts, such as workplace, leadership, group, and higher education. The EQ-i 2.0 model consists of fifteen competencies related to effective leadership, innovation, teamwork, and engagement.

The Business Case for Emotional Intelligence

The evidence is clear: emotional intelligence (EQ) is a crucial differentiator for the most successful leaders, teams, and organizations worldwide. Across industries and company sizes, research links emotional intelligence to better business outcomes, like higher employee engagement, lower turnover and absenteeism, and greater profitability. And contrary to the popular belief that cognitive intelligence and technical capability are the real drivers of professional success, research shows that EQ is more than 2x as predictive of performance as IQ. On an organizational level, the correlation is even stronger. Organizations that prioritize emotional intelligence are 22x as likely to be high performing.