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We are living in a world that is rapidly changing.  Leadership and supervision must also adapt to this new dynamic by practicing MAGNUS OVÉA principles to realize results with confidence. 

Turbocharging leadership capacity at a personal and organizational level produces a culture of accountability and star performance promoting a sense of safety and support within an organization. 

Most leadership theories, science and practices are not founded on motivational aspects of human behavior.  A review of the literature reveals that among all leadership theories only a few address motivation (e.g., path-goal and transformational leadership theories).  Public Safety leaders now and especially going forward must deftly work in and productively resolve constant volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA).  Building on the need to create an environment where employees and community members feel safe and know that you strive to maximize each individual’s well-being accelerates performance and fosters success.

This workshop introduces both a challenging and rewarding New Wave of Leadership.  Designed based on scientific research on human moral development, as well as tried and true practices of a MAGNUS OVÉA leader, Dr. Mitch Javidi and Chief Mark A. Garcia designed this workshop to provide the foundation, principles and the science behind the key human behaviors and neuroscientific practices that will promote excellent supervision with our personnel’s well-being in mind.  This workshop includes lessons directed towards self-awareness, accountability, psychophysical responses to relationships and positive intelligence, as well as the latest research on promoting healthy workplace environments. 

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