Women in Leadership

Confidence to Succeed

Ret. Chief Deputy Rosanne Richeal

Course Overview:  This course will provide women leaders and those who aspire to lead with insight on how cognitive skills, emotional competencies, and perspective play a vital role in identifying, analyzing, and executing daily responsibilities. Some of the philosophies and concepts outlined in this course will delve into Introspection and Perspective, Leadership Characteristics, Communication Styles, Rapport, Emotional Intelligence, the “Mean Girl Notion,” the Power of Three, and how each serve as an important foundation to develop trust and respect among peers, subordinates, superiors, and the public.

Course Objectives:

  • Define introspection and perspective.
  • Describe success vs. intentional success.
  • Define the role of the supervisor/employee.
  • Identify successful leadership traits.
  • Identify the Power of Three.
  • Discuss different communication styles and building rapport.
  • Describe why Emotional Intelligence is key to developing credibility.
  • Discuss the detriment of workplace bullies and the “Mean Girl Notion.”
  • Develop strategies for success and a happier you.

8 Hrs. - Classroom Workshop

Facilitated Learning | Breakout sessions | Discussion Boards | Certificate

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Module 1

Introspection & Perspective

Success vs. Intentional Success

Module 2

Supervisor vs. Employee

Successful Leadership Traits

Module 3

The Power of Three

Successful Leadership Styles

Module 4

Emotional Intelligence 

Mean Girl Notion

Strategies for Success


ROSANNE RICHEAL, Founder of the Richeal Group, is an executive coach and host of ResurgentU-Today’s the Day! podcast, an author of the books Ascending the Ranks: Growing into a Reverent Leader and ResurgentU-Today’s the Day! Your Mindful Journal. She is currently writing two more books on leadership and strategies for promoting.  Additionally, she is an adjunct faculty with the National Command & Staff College and the Institute for Creditable Leadership Development, a certified speaker, trainer, and leadership coach with the John Maxwell Team, as well as a certified advanced relationship coach in Strategic Intervention.  

She specializes in leadership development, career advancement and personal growth. She has served over three decades in public safety. She has worked assignments in Patrol, Corrections, Airport Security, Problem Oriented Policing (POP), Street Crimes, Emergency Management, K9, Traffic and Employee Relations.

She has risen through the ranks to reach the proverbial glass ceiling as both a Sheriff’s Chief Deputy and as the first female Chief of Police for a city in the Sacramento region. She’s also had the distinct honor of becoming the first female motorcycle sergeant for the sheriff’s department. Prior to her law enforcement career, she served six years in the Emergency Medical Services as an EMT.

She is a graduate of the LAPD West Point Leadership Program and was responsible for overseeing the development of the Sheriff’s Leadership Program where she still actively participates as an instructor. She has developed and trained leadership concepts to the public and private sector as well as spoken at the City Clerks Association of California Conference (CCAC), the International Homicide Investigators Association Conference (IHIA), and the Women Leaders in Law Enforcement Conference (WLLE).   

Passionate, driven, and inspiring, Rosanne encourages her audiences to look into their mirror of personal truth to reveal and chart a path towards profound personal and professional change. Rosanne has developed many strategic frameworks she uses in her coaching and leadership business to propel her clients into new ways of thinking and being. 

“I wanted to say thank you again for such an amazing class! I was not sure what to expect and I was so happy I had the opportunity to attend. I left feeling inspired and motivated. Everyone should take this class and apply your theories on leadership. Imagine, what an amazing work place it would be! I am disappointed I did not have the chance to work for you. It would have been a pleasure. We need more strong true leaders like yourself. Thank you.”  Brianne F., Sacramento, CA

“The class was applicable, relevant, and helpful for people of all backgrounds and line of work. Rosanne was informative and challenged us to think critically about various topics and points of view.”  Shannon R.,Roseville, CA

“There is so much to learn, it could be longer than a 1-day class. I’m excited to go to work tomorrow and apply what I have learned.” Alexsis Y., Sacramento, CA

“The instructor was fantastic; her method of delivery of the information was interesting. She kept the class focused and engaged in communication amongst each other regarding the topics.” C. Swint, Butte, CA

“Another Richeal Group Course that doesn’t disappoint. The content was deep and intense and something every employee and manager should experience.” Meagan E., Rancho Cordova, CA