10 Imperatives for Ethical Leadership Success

Offered in Live Streams

Lt. Col. Wellington Scott

4 Hrs. of Virtual Live WorkshoP



Law enforcement professionals, by virtue of their profession are placed in the unique position of leadership as soon as they are sworn in.  Therefore, every officer is a leader and must be prepared to lead within their scope of responsibility.   Quite often law enforcement professionals are called upon to address adverse situations based on misunderstandings, poor communication and emotional discord.  Law enforcement professionals are often thrust into a critical decision making role without any real comprehensive training in leadership and ethics.  If they receive any training it is usually skills based or administratively based and does not address the fact that they are now accountable for their actions and the actions of others and must effectively influence people without solely relying on their positional authority.  10 Imperatives for Ethical Leadership Success is designed to introduce public safety officers to 10 imperatives or concepts followed by successful leaders in public safety, the military, the corporate world, entertainment, sports and of course leadership development.  These imperatives are discussed in terms that are relevant to circumstances faced by law enforcement professionals and if followed will set the foundation for an officer to develop into one who is trusted based on integrity, mentorship, credibility and authentic leadership.

Course Objectives:  During this course of instruction students will learn:

  • Define leadership and identify the characteristics that increase a leader’s influence on others.
  • Provide an understanding of the personal traits that make up a successful leader and the learned skills that enhance leadership abilities.
  • Identify imperatives that if followed, will enhance a leader’s ability to promote teamwork, trust, character, empowerment, inspiration, empathy, self-awareness and accountability among their employees.
  • Give a clear understanding of the cornerstones identified in the book entitled, “Moral Compass for Law Enforcement Professionals”.