MAGNUS Leadership Roll Call Videos

The following are a sample of our MAGNUS Leadership Roll Calls brought to you by our Command / Staff and Patrol / Special Operations faculty at the National Command & Staff College in partnership with National Tactical Officers’ Association Academy.  

Perseverance by Captain Ann Stephens

Receiving Permission to Lead by Captain Jacques Gilbert

Being Self-Aware by Director Alexander Javidi

Love of the Game by Chief Mark Garcia

Tactical Leadership by Chief Randy Watt

Dependability by Colonel Glenn McNeill

Accountability by Chief Mark Garcia

Change Management by Comdr. Kevan Dugan 

Trust by Lt. Col. Wellington Scott

Practice & Refrain by Dr. Cathy Greenberg

Good to Great by Comdr. Buck Rogers

Toxic Leadership by Chief Mark Garcia

Servant leadership by Lt. Col. Wellington Scott

Compassion by Commander Robert Chabali

Self Awareness by Chief Dave Dominguez

Four Pillars by Chief Mark Garcia

VUCA by Dr. Cathy Greenberg

LD&MU by Lt. Col. Wellington Scott

Compassion by Lt. Col. Wellington Scott

Credible Leadership by Chief Dave Dominguez

Influence by Director Alexander Javidi

Adversity by Chief Dave Dominguez

Moral Injury by Dr. Cathy Greenberg

Striving Excellence by Comdr. Buck Rogers

Duty by Commander Jason Mudrock

Understanding Cultures by Chief Randy Watt

Locus of Control  by Dr. Cathy Greenberg

Dedication by Chief Dave Dominguez

Mentoring by Comdr. Kevan Dugan 

Character by Chief Mark Garcia

Positive Attitude by Chief Dave Dominguez

Leading at the Edge by Dr. Cathy Greenberg

Respect by Chief Dave Dominguez