Power of Influence

John Maxwell, states that Leadership is Influence, nothing more nothing less.  We all influence others, sometimes being a positive influence, sometimes being a negative influence.  We must be intentional about how we influence others.  If we aren’t intentional about how we lead, our influence may not be positive.

Remember the classic movie, White Christmas?  Can you picture your favorite scene? One of the most important story-lines is woven into a subplot in the movie, about a general who served in the military, who was an incredible influence on his troops.  Now that the general was retired he started a ski lodge, but since it hadn’t snowed, he was about to lose it all.  Two of his former troops put out the call and dozens of those who served came from all over the northeast to encourage the general in his time of need, at significant cost to themselves.  The general certainly had a positive influence on his troops, much more influence than he had ever realized.  That influence was so profound that the people he led would follow him wherever he went.  Wouldn’t you like your leadership to have this level of impact on those who follow you?

We must recognize that influencing others is a significant responsibility, we must take it seriously, seeking to influence people in the right direction.  While we may not always recognize in the moment the incredible impact our influence has on others, we must plan to do all within our power to lead well, to influence positively, and to be the type of leader others are willing to follow.

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