Richard (Rick) L. Smith

Richard (Rick) L. Smith is a retired Chief of Police with significant executive leadership, organizational development, strategic operationalization, and analytic insights that transformed two organizations into regional leaders.  Rick’s critical thinking, leadership development, strategic visionary, and crisis management skills sets him apart from other law enforcement and professional leaders in meeting the demands, constraints, and variables associated with the law enforcement profession.  He has created over a dozen leadership development courses and served as a lead instructor for a leadership institute.  His life’s work embodies developing employees at all levels of an organization and he has trained hundreds of people.  Rick is known for providing honest and straight-forward insights gaining respect for asking the difficult questions to get to the heart of issues.  Students have commented on Rick’s sincerity and willingness to guide the personal and professional development of students, teams, and organizations.

Rick earned his Doctorate Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Global Business and Leadership; Master’s Degree in Administrative Leadership; and Bachelor’s Degree in Management, Communications, and Leadership.  He is regularly used to consult for individuals and organizations regarding leadership and organizational development, operations management, organizational growth and trend forecasting, policy and procedure advancement, employee health and welfare, and internal and external investigations.  Rick has extensive training and speaking experience at the local, regional, state, and national levels to enhance and advance the leadership and business body of knowledge.