Parisa Javidi, RN, BSN

Parisa Javidi is an RN and has been in the healthcare industry for over 30 years. She completed her bachelors of science in nursing at the University of Oklahoma in 1987. For over 5 years she ran a Medical Education company which focused on education for healthcare providers spanning across the US. She currently practices as an RN in Women’s Health as UNC Rex in Raleigh, NC.

During her personal journey, she discovered the impact essential oils has made on stress reduction, well-being and resilience.  She has been using essential oils for over 6 years both in her practice and personal life.  Her passion is to be an advocate for empowering the use of natural solutions to wellness & self care. She is an aromatherapy educator and is currently studying for her certification.

She has recommended essential oils for healthcare providers and public safety professionals.