National Command & Staff College

Core Team

Dr. Mitch Javidi


Dr. Anthony Normore


Sherry Bass

Chief of Staff

Tony Barthuly, FBI NA#186

Chairman, FBINAA Affiliates

Lt. Col. Wellington Scott

Chief Operating Officer

Ronald Ford

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. T. Anderson

Chief Leadership Officer

Dr. Richard Conroy


Dr. Larry Long

Vice Provost

Mitch Boudrot

Dean, Academic Affairs

Chief Sam Spiegel

SVP & Director, Every Officer is a Leader

Christopher Hoina, FBINA 222

SVP & Director, Criminal Justice Studies

Chief Bill Cooper

SVP & Director, Consulting

Chief David G. Dominguez

SVP - Police Education and Development

James Franklin

SVP & Director, Public Safety Programs

Dr. James Klopovic

Vice President Liability and Risk Prevention

Chief Mark Garcia

SVP & Director, MAGNUS

Sheriff Ray Nash

Founder, Police Dynamics

parisa javidi, RN & BSN

Director, Well-being

Alexander javidi

Director, Home Land