The Next Generation Leadership Assessment

The National Command & Staff College (NCSC) continues to bring the best in Leadership and Development to our Law Enforcement Professionals (Sworn & Civilians) nationwide.  

We are happy to announce that in collaborations with Dr. Reuven Bar-on, we are now introducing an innovative “The Next Generation of Leadership Assessment” self-assessment tool designed to assess your leadership “Star Performance” at “no cost”.  But the assessment must be completed within 10 days  (Closing assessment date, December. 31, 2018.)  The cost for this assessment after Jan 1, 2019 will be $30.

So feel free to forward this page to your friends and colleagues to capitalize on it. The participation in this assessment is completely voluntary and we encourage everyone to utilize a personal e-mail address to complete it. 

Upon completion of the assessment, ONLY the person who completed it will receive a copy of the report in a PDF via e-mail providing valuable summary of strengths in 23 different areas together with suggestions for improving performance. 

  • Click on Enter to access the introduction of the assessment.
  • Click on the word “Enter” at the end of the last paragraph to go to the actual assessment.
  • Enter the word “STAR” in the textbox when asked for your User Code.
  • Proceed with the survey.  
  • Complete it and then receive a pdf report of your results.