May 21, 2019:  The Criminal Justice Commission for Credible Leadership Development (CJC-CLD®) conferred Credible Law Enforcement Organization certification upon the Linn County Sheriff’s Office on May 21, 2019, making it one of only two law enforcement agencies in the nation to receive this recognition.

This agency certification was the culmination of a five-year process in which Sheriff’s Office employees participated in an ethical leadership development training program through the Institute for Credible Leadership Development (ICLD). Many employees went on to receive Certified Credible Leader (CCL) certification through the International Academy of Public Safety, which qualified the agency for Credible Leadership Organization (CLO) certification.

Employees participating in this two-day training and certification process have completed a total of 256 hours of leadership training, read eight leadership textbooks, and successfully passed 45 on-line examinations, verifying their understanding of the concepts and principles of the ICLD training.

Becoming a Credible Leadership Organization (CLO) requires a commitment to build an agency, which represents the highest of ethical standards and is dedicated to developing personnel with an unparalleled level of service capability and orientation to the community. The progressive CLO agency is reform-minded, future-focused and seeks to continuously strengthen the organization by developing its people as leaders and by extension, provides a problem-solving leadership role in the community. Read More…

May 15, 2019:  Dr. Mitch Javidi delivers Keynote at the New Mexico Law Enforcement Memorial.  “GOOD morning – It is an honor of a lifetime to be asked to speak at this ceremony. Today I would like to honor those before us and invite you to Dare Greatly.  I come to you with mixed emotions; let me explain…This ceremony is solemn yet a celebration of life.  Yes, many are gone from us but look what they have done and consider what you are doing!  You all are the embodiment of keepers of the peace.” Read More …

May 13, 2019: 

National Command & Staff College has conferred MAGNUS CENTURION status on 26 law enforcement commanders, who graduated May 10, 2019 from the organization’s third 8-week Leadership Education Program. The ceremony, including presentation of several awards, was held at the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office, MN.  

As noted by the Command College President, Dr. Anthony Normore,“The curriculum content and program design are structured to address the immediate and long term needs of law enforcement personnel and the communities they serve. We are pleased and very proud of the creativity and innovativeness of our graduates and the agencies they represent as they support and strengthen critical thinking skills, decision making  ability, and personal and professional growth and development. Our graduates are undeniably our current and future leaders of hope, aspiration, optimism, ambition, plans and dreams for building and sustaining healthy and trusting communities”.  Read More …

May 6, 2019:  US Navy Read Admiral Robert L. Greene joins the National Command & Staff College as an Honorary Commissioner.  Admiral Greene was awarded the Defense Superior Service Medal as Reserve Director, Interagency Partnering, Headquarters, United States European Command, Stuttgart, Germany, for spearheading the strategic planning process that became the roadmap for “Winning the Peace” and the basis for greater situational awareness of transnational threats, foreign fighter flows and illicit drug trafficking.  This effort ultimately enhanced the Commander’s decision making and ability to drive interagency operations to secure the European Command’s Area of Responsibility from 21st century challenges.  Read more ….  

May 1, 2019:  Seminole County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO), FL adopts the “Emerging Leaders Program” to train all agency personnel.   The program will be delivered to the SCSO personnel through a SCORM Certified customized and sophisticated Public Safety Learning Management System (PSLMS) powered by the National Command & Staff College.  Additionally, the agency and the National Command & Staff College will be planning a session of the Command & Staff Program for 2019 in Florida.   

April 28, 2019:  PASCO County Sheriff’s Office, FL adopts the “Emerging Leaders Program” to train all agency personnel.   The program will be delivered to the PASCO County personnel through a SCORM Certified customized and sophisticated Public Safety Learning Management System (PSLMS) powered by the National Command & Staff College.  Additionally, National Command & Staff College will partner with the agency’s “Future Operations Bureau” in the development and implimentation of research and educational development programs.  The mission of the Future Operations Division is to help the Sheriff’s Office strategically meet the law enforcement related needs of our rapidly changing community. Comprised of both civilian and law enforcement members, the division works to provide comprehensive assessments and recommendations to improve department efficiencies by focusing on strategic planning, forward thinking, and innovative ideas. The division will also track the future development of Pasco County and the impact this will have on law enforcement and its capacity to meet the needs of our growing county.

April 22, 2019: Gordon Graham,Sheriff Matt Bostrom, Tony Barthuly, FBI NA # 168, Andrew Bringuel, II, FBI & FBI Academy, Janelle Cronk, Dr. Chris Dreisbach of John Hopkins University, Dr. Jeff Green of the Center for Police Leadership & Ethics International, and Cathy Greenberg, Ph.D join the senior faculty of the national Command & Staff College.