Captain Donald P. Juneau – Recruitment Administrator

I attended the University of Southwestern Louisiana, earning my Bachelor of Science in Criminology in 1989. My internships during this period were with Judge Ronald Cox, Criminal Court for Lafayette Parish, and the Lafayette Police Department Homicide Bureau under the direction of Lt. Jim Craft. Mr. Craft’s mentoring was very enriching, for he is now the Director of the Louisiana Peace Officers Standardized Training Council (P.O.S.T.)

Upon completing my college studies, I desired experience and knowledge in the Law Enforcement field. Therefore, I started with the Orleans Levee District Police in 1991. During my tenure with this agency, I held the titles of Master Patrolman, Corporal, Quality of Life Officer, and Field Training Instructor for the Community Oriented Policing System (C.O.P.S.) As the Senior Police Officer, I was assigned to assist New Orleans Police Department for eight years in New Orleans East, 7th District, Little Woods Subdivision. 

I joined the East Jefferson Levee District Police in 2006 and have been employed with this agency until my retirement. During my tenure with this agency, I achieved the statuses of Master Patrolman, Seargent, and Lieutenant, and I was promoted to Captain of Administration, Operations, and Police Reserves.

During this promotional period, I earned the Commander of Internal Affairs status. I supervised this division for six years, handling internal and external investigations for the New Orleans and East Jefferson Levee District Police Departments. I am a Command Member of the National Internal Affairs Investigation Association (N.I.A.I.A.)

One of my most outstanding career achievements was attending the 1st National Command Staff and College course in the United States in 2018, Graduating Class 001. Achieving the status of MAGNUS significantly increased and reactivated my supervisory abilities and leadership skills. Additionally, the retained concepts of “Emotional Intelligence” and “Servant Leadership” continue to motivate my actions daily.

My inward commitment to integrity is the driving force that directs all paths in my life. I have retired with 31 years of tenured, full-time participation in Louisiana State Civil Service Law Enforcement.