Individualized Meta-Motivational Styles Assessment (IMSA)

Meta-Motivation Styles (IMSA) is an individual self-diagnosis tool or it can be debriefed by an approved coach who accompanies you in your process of adaptation or change. Based on a scientific questionnaire, you will understand your state of mind. The IMSA was built on Dr. Apter’s Reversal Theory of Motivation.

 We all have ‘access’ to eight different motivational styles that each of uses to varying degrees. We can think of these motivational styles as dynamic states of mind or lenses, that are linked to basic values, through which we experience any situation that we encounter.

The aim of this diagnostic tool is to answer  the following questions:

  1. Adaptability: What skills or strategies can you develop to ensure that you’re most effective when you’re in any particular style?
  2. Diversity: Are you accessing all of the styles
    often enough to provide a variety of experiences in life and / or work?
  3. Effectiveness: Are you able to find the right style at the right time, so that you can be motivated, rather than stressed, in different situations?