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Javidi, M., Garcia , M. A., Normore, H. A., & Boudrot, M. A. (2021).  GREAT TO MAGNUS.  Readiness Network Publishing. Holly Springs: NC.

ISBN: 978-1-7377855-1-4   – Publication Date: July 16, 2021

* MAGNUS OVEA © ® ™ 2021 – Readiness Network, Inc. & Dr. Mitch Javidi


How great leaders become MORE to Impact, Inspire, Transcend and deliver Results with Confidence

GREAT TO MAGNUS provides a myriad of theories, scientific and systematic principles, best practices, formulas, and the step-by-step inter/intra neurobiological roadmap to deliver results with confidence.

Those of us who have been a student of leadership and management, and have followed the work of Jim Collins’ bestselling book, “GOOD TO GREAT”, recognize that becoming GREAT LEADERS is a complex and integral part of a highly rewarding journey. But what happens to leaders when they become great at what they do? Have they completed their leadership journey? or can they raise the bar to become MORE?

This book makes the argument that there is a “next” for GREAT leaders. The “next” is to become MAGNUS because the new normal for societies overwhelmed with volatility, complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity requires turbocharged capacities for performance, leadership, resiliency, well-being and antifragility.

Written by internationally accomplished and recognized social scientists, authors, and practitioners, Dr. Mitch Javidi, Mark A. Garcia, and Dr. Anthony H. Normore, the book expands on the Expectancy Theory of Leadership by providing a new theory of human behavior titled, MAGNUS OVEA. The new theory utilizes a series of interlinking interpersonal and intrapersonal neurobiological capacities designed to turbocharge star performance. The book also includes innovative self-assessments and digital (Android and iOS) tools to measure psychological, emotional, and biological key performance indicators.

Readiness Network Publishing prints copies of the “GREAT TO MAGNUS” book in waves only to meet demand. The first prints made available to select graduates of the National Command and Staff College only at a rate of $21.99. The publisher is in the process of printing the 2nd wave of prints for sale.  This wave will also be discounted and ready to ship January 2022.