Every Officer is a Leader Sample Skills Videos in the Emerging Leaders Course

The following are sample introductory videos presented by Dr. Terry Anderson from Phase IV of the “Emerging Leaders” course at the National Command and Staff College.

These videos are samples of the more than 300 4-5 minute videos in the Course, including modeling videos of how to expertly perform each leadership skill…starting with the basic communication skills and progressing to the more advanced problem-solving, team leadership and organizational leadership skills.

Skill 16: Attending by Dr. Terry Anderson

Skill 18: Suspending by Dr. Terry Anderson

Skill 25: Advanced Empathy  by Dr. Terry Anderson

Skill 33: Confrontation by Dr. Terry Anderson

Skill 37: Assessing Others’ Needs, Wants & Problems by Dr. Terry Anderson

Skill 58: Assessing Leadership by Dr. Terry Anderson

Why This Course will be Important for You to Complete

This course and accompanying book will equip you with enhanced emotional and social intelligence, problem-solving, team leadership and organizational leadership skills that will grow in strength over the years as you continue development in your Magnus Credible Leadership Journey.  The Every Officer is a Leader book has been used by policing agencies internationally in including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Los Angeles Police Department and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police; and now the this video-based course enables you to access affordable and recognized training, and re-visit the videos as you need to work on to develop a particular skill.

The 60 skills included in this course cover 12 Self-Management, 12 Interpersonal Communication, 12 Problem-Solving, 12 Team and Organizational Leadership skills, and 12 Versatility Skills.  To see the full range of skills you can access a free download the introduction of the book, including the table of contents of the Every officer is a Leader book. 

These skills were tested for more than 30 years with over 8,000 university students who demonstrated competence in their field placements before graduation and in their jobs after graduation.  Graduates who took this course were promoted more often than their competitors because they were more competent as leaders and could demonstrate their competence.

Book and Course Endorsements

“This book, and the Credible Leadership online course that accompanies it, is the most comprehensive preparation I have seen in the literature for all kinds of officers in the justice and public safety system to build better places to work and enhance public trust at the same time. The authors’ vision of preparing officers and professional staff to lead early on in their careers in this broad set of leadership skills has been a missing link in previous training programs that I have reviewed. After you read this book and complete the course that accompanies it, you can use the book again and again as a reference guide to effective leadership performance.”

          Marshall Goldsmith 
New York Times #1 ~ “Triggers and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There:

“The rate and nature of change we are now witnessing demand transformational leadership at every level of our policing organizations. I’m not talking about positional leadership (e.g. sergeant, lieutenant, chief or sheriff).  Instead, I’m referring to the compelling need for leadership that is framed, in an almost spiritual way, by the true purpose of policing – controlling crime in a just and rightful way that is consistent with the values espoused in our Constitution. This is why Every Officer Is a Leader is so important and should be standard issue to every peace officer.”

          Jim Bueermann
President of the Police Foundation

“With the Third Edition of this text, Dr. Terry Anderson and his colleagues continue to push the public safety field towards effective 21st Century leadership. They make no claim that leadership development is easy. Indeed, self-awareness, self-development, and creating a continuous learning environment are at the core of Leadership development, and those challenges are never easy. Yet, Every Officer Is A Leader provides not only a powerful philosophy of leadership but a field-tested road map to help each of us develop our abilities across our organizations and communities. I highly recommend this text to any agency looking to build a systemic culture of leadership in their organization. Moreover, Every Officer Is A Leader serves exceptionally well as the sole textbook or accompanying text in a variety of University classes.”

          Jeff Green, PhD
President/CEO, Center for Police Leadership and Ethics International
Chief, FBI Leadership Development (Ret’d)