Emotivations Game

The Emotivations game offers you a simple and effective tool that allows you to use the reversal theory in everyday life, at work or in sports.

The game consisting of a board and 56 cards allows us to analyze our emotions, our feelings and the values that are important for us.  It offers a fun and yet very serious approach to dealing with complex subjects such as stress management, motivation, emotional management, finding the right well-being and / or performance. The game can be used by a coach in session but also in self-coaching with effective and useful results. You can use the game as a single tool or combine it with any other technique giving it a new dimension. This game is completely open in its use and offers you a guide you can use for growth. You will then have the opportunity to share your personal methods with the user community. We will be happy to publish all new ways to use the game.

The game can be used to:

  1. Carry out an emotional assessment (motivations and emotions).
  2. Find out what is important to you and the players (values).
  3. Understand the sensations you and other players are looking for first.
  4. Knowing what is pleasant and what is not for you and other players.
  5. Visualize what is suitable or unsuitable for players’ objectives.
  6. Deduce the effectiveness of our state of mind and imagine the perception that players have of you and each other.