Dr. Dave Mather

With more than 35 years in public safety leadership, Dr. Dave Mather has worked with more than 350 agencies around the world as an executive coach, leadership instructor, keynote speaker, and international consultant supporting public safety and the communities they serve. Since leaving uniform, Dave served as the Executive Director for RULETC (Rural Law Enforcement Technology Center), a U.S. Department of Justice project that provided technology research, testing, evaluation, and support to law enforcement agencies across the United States. He served as a training consultant and leadership mentor for the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission, and is a founding Professional Advisor for the Center for Excellence in Public Safety Leadership. A University instructor, Dave has his master’s in organizational leadership and his Doctorate in Educational Leadership with a focus on adult learning methodologies.

Dave is a Charter Member and Nationally Certified Instructor with IADLEST, a certified facilitator of the “Self-Defeating Habits of Otherwise Brilliant People” and “Resolving Workplace Conflict”. He is an international member of the John Maxwell Facilitation Team, a certified facilitator for several professional personality evaluations and truly enjoys working with organizations to help build capacity and improve even the most resistant cultures.

Dave was a Master Instructor and curriculum designer for the International Association of Chiefs of Police’s, “Leadership in Police Organizations” course. He has adapted the original West Point Leadership course into courses for public safety leaders at all levels of the organization, including “Leadership: The West Point Model” and “Authentic and Deliberate Leadership: The West Point Way”.

Since 1999, he has facilitated leadership courses for more than 3,500 attendees across North America and several foreign law enforcement agencies around the world.