Crisis Intervention Teams divert people living with mental illness from jail with appropriate alternatives. Decriminalizing Mental Illness offers effective strategies for building a permanent Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) program based on a confirmed, easy to follow process of capacity-building. It will help you:

  • Establish community networking and fundraising to support your CIT program.
  • Decide the program’s scope and structure given your community’s unique situation.
  • Conduct your process with a checklist of field proven Effective Practices.
  • Create true collaboration between law enforcement and mental health professionals.
  • Choose the venue, format, and personnel for training those involved.
  • Take your CIT program from conception to a self-sustaining part of community services.

To further increase your odds for success, Decriminalizing Mental Illness introduces the elements of MAGNUS-OVÉA New Wave leadership, based on character development and holistic individual potential.

CIT is the best idea for addressing a major problem for local municipalities—what to do with the mentally ill.  “Decriminalizing the Mentally Ill” is the most powerful blueprint that gets the job done.  George F. Breedy, Captain, St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office.


James Klopovic, D.P.P. holds a Doctor of Public Policy, with concentration on service program capacity building at the organizational and community levels. He’s director of Risk and Liability Prevention with the International Academy of Public Safety (IAPS) and is on the faculty of the National Command & Staff College, North Carolina.

Mitch Javidi, Ph.D. has over 30 years of leadership development experience in academia, the military, law enforcement, government, and technology. He’s the founder of the National Command & Staff College, the Institute for Credible Leadership Development, and the Criminal Justice Commission for Credible Leadership Development.

Nicole Klopovic, P.A. is a junior faculty member and lecturer of health sciences with the National Command & Staff College. When she isn’t working as a physician’s assistant, Nicole focuses on tutoring and collaborating on law enforcement programs and literature. 

James D. Franklin retired in 2018 from the Minnesota Sheriffs Association after serving 14 years as the association’s executive director. His career spans 50 years of public safety service specializing in law enforcement, fire, and emergency service operations.

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