5-Days Blended Credible Leadership Initiative (CLI)


MAGNUS SM (adjective) | mag · nus | \’mag – n∂s\ – living as an inspiration for others to answer the call of supererogation with virtue and intellect.  Improving self and systems beyond the status quo.  Committing to continuous learning and being more. Always becoming the beacon of light in the night.  I am MAGNUS!

Internalization | Indoctrination | Instantiation | Encapsulation  

Congratulations on a very successful leadership training program recently held in Southaven, Mississippi.  I wanted each of you to know how powerful your presentation was and how the points mentioned hit the mark.  It was a pleasure meeting both of you and if the DEA New Orleans Field Division can ever be of any assistance please do not hesitate to call… All the best, drive on and God Bless….” 

Craig M. Wiles, Associate SAC, DEA – New Orleans Field Division, 2016

“It was a pleasure taking part of your training. I think it is the best training I have taken throughout my career with the NYPD. Thank you and Sheriff Ray Nash. You guys are touching a part of law enforcement that has not been addressed. Keep helping other law enforcers realize that they are “MAGNUS”.  As for me, I know in my heart and mind that I am.  God bless you both for everything.” 

Police Officer Julio Castro, NYPD, 2017

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Course Overview In law enforcement one thing is certain, crisis will happen!  Breaking down each crisis to understand the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity is a philosophy known as VUCA.  Viewing the police environment from the VUCA perspective is empowering and an essential skill for police officers nationwide.  In simple terms, VUCA is chaos.  Today the professional LEO must recognize VUCA and mitigate it to minimize disruptive and destabilizing effects on himself or herself and the organization.  The 5-days Credible Leadership Initiative is an extended version of the MAGNUS Leadership workshop blending both classroom and on-line learning.  This program  provides scientific educational modules combined with practical and tactical counter VUCA strategies for officer credibility, effectiveness, wellness and resiliency.  The course is based in the science of Reversal Theory, Cognitive and Motivational Theories, Moral Philosophy and Emotional Intelligence.  

Learning Objectives

Upon completing the course, each participant will:

  1. Have a scientific and practical understanding of VUCA while learning the short-term and long-term effects on each Law Enforcement Officer’s credibility, community relationships, performance and Personal / Professional life. 
  2. Understand Cognitive Science and Reversal Theory as tactical frameworks to counter VUCA.
  3. Develop comprehensive emotional intelligence and cognitive learning tools to enhance leadership capacity, credibility and performance. 
  4. Increase personal wellness and resiliency.

Course Format- Option 1:

  • Day 1: 6 hrs. Classroom.
  • Day 2: Eight (8) hrs. online – Students will complete five (5) interactive modules on-line with exams and evaluations.
  • Day 3: Six (6) hrs. Classroom.
  • Day 4:  Eight (8) hrs. online – Students will complete Four (4) interactive practical modules on-line with exams and evaluations.
  • Day 5:  Six (6) hrs. Classroom to include graduation.

Course Format- Option 2:

  • Complete on-line courses in advance of the classroom
  • Day 1 – Classroom: Nine (9) hrs. Classroom.
  • Day 2 Classroom:  Nine (9) hrs. Classroom to include graduation.

Course Materials:

Participants will receive the following:

  1. Two (2) textbooks: Deliberate Leadership & Moral Compass for Law Enforcement 
  2. Four (4) Self-Assessments 
  3. Study guide in workbook format during class. 
  4. National Certificate of Completion from the National Command & Staff College 
  5. MAGNUS Leader Challenge Coin 
  6. Induction to the National Command & Staff College

Class Size:  50
Cost:  $20,000 

Mitch Javidi, Ph.D, Founder & Chancellor, The National Command & Staff College

Mitch is an envisioneer with over 30 years of practical and hands-on experience in diverse industries including Academia, Military, Law Enforcement, Government, and Technology.  As a globally recognized leader, he is the founder of the National Command & Staff College, the International Academy of Public Safety, the Institute for Credible Leadership development, the Criminal Justice Commission for Credible Leadership Development and the MAGNUS Officers Leadership. 

He has trained at the Joint Special Operations Command “JSOC” and the US Army Special Operations Command “USASOC.” He was awarded the honorary member of the United States Army Special Operations Command in 1999 and honorary Sheriff by the National Sheriffs’ Association in 2016.  He served as a tenured Associate Professor at NC State University for 16 years before taking an early retirement but continues to serve as an Adjunct professor without pay (by choice) at both NC State and Illinois State Universities. He is a member of the “Academy of Outstanding Teachers and Scholars” at NC State University and the Distinguished 2004 Alumni of the University of Oklahoma. 

Mitch is a published scholar with over 890 conference presentations worldwide.  His most recent books are entitled “Deliberate Leadership: Achieving Success Through Personal Styles,” “Handbook of Research on Effective Communication, Leadership, and Conflict Resolution, and “Moral Compass for the Law Enforcement Professionals” have sold over 10,000 copies. His new coauthored article entitled “Human Factors: Police Leaders Improving Safety While Developing Meaningful Public Trust” coauthored with Dr. Anthony Normore and Lt. Darius Bone was recently published by the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin. Mitch was the recipient of prestigious “Person of the Year” award by the National Society of Accountants ~ Senator William Victor “Bill” Roth, Jr. “Roth IRA” received the award in the following year.

Picture Taken at the Wisconsin Attorney General’s Summit, Winter 2016

Sheriff Ray Nash, Ret., Senior Vice President of Training, The National Command & Staff College

Ray Nash began his 38-year law enforcement career as a police dispatcher while he was still in high school. After a time as a patrolman and street  supervisor,  he  was  appointed  Police Chief in Irmo, South Carolina at the tender age of 23. Later, he served as a Training Specialist with the Institute of Police Technology and Management (I.P.T.M.) at the University of North Florida, then returned to his native state for his second tenure as a Police Chief, this time in Summerville, SC.

In 1997, Ray began the first of his three terms as the elected Sheriff in Dorchester County, S.C. He retired as sheriff in 2009 to pursue an overseas mission and, for over three years, supported the international police reform effort in Afghanistan as the Criminal Justice Advisor for the US Embassy in Kabul and Professional Development Director for the International Police Coordination Board. Ray recently founded Focal Point Investigations and serves as its CEO and Chief Investigator.

Sheriff Nash has provided consulting services and leadership training to law enforcement agencies for over 30 years.  In 1998, he founded the Police Dynamics Institute to provide character-based leadership training and technical services on an international basis.   He has personally trained over 12,000 police officers, government officials, and business leaders from around the world in his character-based training program called Police Dynamics.

Ray has visited Romania three times to present Police Dynamics to their National Police. He also traveled to Sierra Leone, Africa to train their national police and military leaders. In addition, Ray has trained Russian Police Commanders at the Moscow Police College (held in the US) and over 30 international police and governmental delegations here in the states.  Agencies throughout the U.S. and overseas have adopted Police Dynamics and are reporting great success in fighting crime and improving officer performance.

Ray holds an A.S. in Criminal Justice, a B.S. in Education, Training and Development, and an M.S. in Criminal Justice Administration.  He serves  as the Vice-president for Training and Development of the International Academy of Public Safety, Director of the Sheriff’s Institute for Credible Leadership Development, and an adjunct professor at Charleston Southern University.

His home of record is Summerville, SC where he and his wife are the proud parents of three adult children who are all pursuing careers in the medical field.