Chief Executives Institute
1 Week Residency ~ Coming Soon

Accountability | Leadership | Professionalism 

Ribbon Color ~ GOLD
Honorary Awards ~ PERMITTED

The Chief Executive Leadership Institute is the pioneer of executive level learning — bringing together top Sheriffs, Chiefs, Superintendents and policy makers, as well as leading academics and researchers, in a unique learning environment that fosters innovation,  with candid, off-the-record exchanges for enhanced personal and professional development. The institute is offered as an intensive five-day seminar held on the campus of the National tactical Officers Associations in Colorado Springs (with programs at the AirForce Academy), and offers 40 to 50 senior-level executives the opportunity to explore challenges and engage in leadership issues, including cutting-edge trends, futures and foresight.

The graduates will receive a North Star Certificate of Completion from the Center for Police Leadership and Ethics International, a National Command & Staff College diploma and a MAGNUS ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ* Neck or Chest Gold Color Ribbon Medallion. 

* ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ -Come and Take (Greek).  It is the ultimate expression of bravery.  It epitomizes Credible and Deliberate Leadership by personifying, in thought, word and deed the courage to willingly take a challenge because it is worthy.  The challenge has been used as a motto by the US Special Operations Command Central.