Apter Motivations and Emotions Diagnostics

The National Command and Staff College is pleased to be the exclusive distributor of Apter Solutions in the US and Canada. This is a result of Dr. Javidi’s extensive work with the Reversal Theory and Dr. Apter related to the neurobiology of MAGNUS OVEA, as well as 4 years of collaborative work with the Apter France Team under the leadership of Mr. Christophe Lunacek and Ms. Laurence Vandeventer.  We are truly honored to be in partnership.  The diagnostic tools developed by Dr. Apter and his teams (psychologists, sociologists, human behaviorists, leadership and motivation experts, etc.) truly open our mind and understanding of human minds, behaviors, emotions and motivation.    

“It is not the situation that is frustrating or motivating, it’s the way we look at it”

Offered exclusively in US and Canada by the National Command & Staff College in partnership with the Apter France 

According to the Reversal Theory developed by Dr. Michael Apter, we react in different ways to the same events, depending on the way we are, on our mood or on our mind set.  We are therefore inconsistent and changing but also agile and adaptable. We are not stuck into some predefined patterns of behaviors, but we can rather adopt multiple ways of being, when we have to cope with or to adapt to situations. And despite this, there is still a way to understand ourselves and to improve our performance. Indeed, we understand, value and interact with the world through four pairs of opposite mental states (as described below).  

At any moment, at least one of each opposite states are active and determine our perceptions as well as our reactions.  Overtime, each of us experiences these eight states, however, at different frequencies and durations ; and with more or less efficiency, as these ways of being might be more or less adequate to the situation. This is what characterizes us in terms of personality.

Instead of letting events taking over, choose the right way to look at them:

What do YOU want in this situation? Achieve or enjoy? Conform or rebel? Take or give? Care or control? Depending on your choices, you’ll feel good or bad, strong or weak… But you have the choice. Our Apter Diagnostics Tools will allow you to better understand your personality and to learn how to use it better in any given situation:

  • How to broaden your motivation abilities and develop your mental flexibility?
  • How to manage your emotions and use your stress for good?
  • How to deal with others’ emotions and motivations and improve your relationship in normal as well as conflictual situations?

In the long term, knowing your motivations better is also a guarantee of success or happiness: you’ll gradually be able to learn to no longer be subjected to unpleasant situations. And overall you’ll never say or think “I don’t have a choice” again.